Time Factors, DPI, and OPI – September 6, 2016


DPI.3Jenn Reale, ANEFO official; Dan Foreman, an ANEFO official and college official; and Tommy Brow, Rules Interpreter, were the featured guest speakers at the ANEFO meeting on September 6, 2016. Their handouts, summary of their presentations, and/or resources are located at the bottom of this article.

First, Jenn Reale discussed periods, time factors, and substitutions. She covered items found in Rule 3, such as length of periods, minimum time for a play after spiking the ball, length of time outs, substitutions, other time related rules, and several play situations.  Next, Tommy Brow discussed when to start the clock after delay of game fouls from a scrimmage kick formation, injured players leaving the game, extending the period for fouls, personal fouls at the end of the each quarter, when to extend the period, fouls during overtime, and three interesting “you make the call” play scenarios.  Finally, Dan Foreman discussed defense pass interference (DPI) and offensive pass interference (OPI).  Dan used several video clips for various football games to illustrate what is, and what is not, DPI and OPI.  For more information, see the posted handouts below.

Rule 3.Jenn.R.9.6.16 <– (Reale’s Handout)

ANEFO – Clock and Extra Periods.9.6.16 <— (Brow’s Handout)

Know How to Call DPI and OPI.9.7.16 <– (Summary of Foreman’s Presentation)