Rule 7 – Passing the Ball

PassThe rules topic at the ANEFO meeting on September 8, 2014 was “Passing the Ball;” the presentation handouts are attached at the bottom of this article. Guest speaker Alex Parrella discussed snapping and passing the ball, offensive team requirements, defensive team requirements, handing the ball forward, backward passes, forward passes, and illegal passes.  Tommy Brow, ANEFO Rules Interpreter, also discussed the passing game.  His presentation included: Illegal pass – succeeding spot exception, passes thrown under duress, passes thrown not under duress, intentional grounding, spiking the ball, an interest punt and pass plays, and five NCAA video clips.  The presenters’ handouts are below.

Rule 7 9.8.14 “Snapping and Pass Ball” (Parrella – Handout)
Passing Game.ANEFO.9.8.14  “The Passing Game”  (Brow – Handout)