ANEFO 2018 Banquet

The 2018 ANEFO Annual Awards Banquet was held at the Irish-American Club in Malden, Massachusetts on Monday, November 19, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. This capstone season event is historically the Monday before the annual Thanksgiving Day football games.  Mike Sullivan was the master of ceremonies, and he introduced the retirees and special guests.  The platters of food kept coming and coming; the dinner was once again outstanding!

Bob Prestera, ANEFO Secretary Treasurer, presented the two ANEFO scholarships; this year, they were earmarked for Dan Foreman’s daughter, Aguila, and Richard Poulin’s son, Tyler; the two recipients are both college bound.  Next, John Mattuchio presented the Fred Gardner Longevity Award to Phil Houshan. Later, President Skip Likins presented the President’s Award to the following a student-athlete: Matt McCarthy, a football player from Danvers High School.  The C. Howard Smith Official’s Award was next presented by Bob Prestera to a surprised, almost speechless and well-deserving Mike Sullivan. Later, Bob Prestera presented the William McDonald High School Official’s Award to a stunned and speechless Brian Dunn.  Next, Al Bartolini presented the Paul Tighe Award to the legendary John Salmon. Later, the Mark T. Crehan’s Coaches Award was presented to Northeast Conference: Head Coach Tony Zorilli from Gloucester High School.  Finally, Skip Likins, passed the gavel to Brian Doherty and the ANEFO wished him a successful term as the new president. Once again, it is a tip of the official’s hat to the ANEFO for an outstanding banquet!

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