All members of each crew must be uniformly garbed. The uniform worn by all officials for all games shall include the following:



Standard black and white – 1” vertically striped long and short sleeve shirts with pocket on left breast without emblems. All members of each crew must wear either long or short sleeve shirts. Mesh shirts may be worn if entire crew is so garbed. Flags may be attached to the shirt pocket.


Regulation football officials’ black pants with white stripe.

Summer Uniforms

Regulation football officials’ black shorts with white stripe. Spandex shorts of a contrasting color should not be seen below the shorts.


High cut solid black socks with black pants. If wearing shorts during summer, either all white or all black, depending upon the preference of the commissioner. Crew should all have same color of mid cut length or higher stocking.

Shoes and Belt

Black shoes with black laces. Black belt maximum of 2” width


Solid black cap with white piping (without emblem or numbers) shall be worn by all but Referee. The Referee shall wear a solid all white cap.

Foul Markers

All officials shall be equipped with (2) light gold foul markers (15” x 15”) and weighted in the center with sand or beans and worn inconspicuously. Black tipped or white tipped flags are also permissible.

Bean Bags

All officials shall be equipped with (2) bean bags for marking spots. They can be white, blue, or black but must be a unified color for all members of the officiating crew working the game.

Uniform Check – Carry Spares!

  • Whistle(s)
  • Game Card(s)
  • Watch(es)
  • Pencil(s)
  • Down Indicating Device
  • Chain Clip

ANEFO Equipment Bag (optional)

All officials are invited to purchase a black and white ANEFO equipment bag.  The bag is large enough for your uniform, towel, clothes, etc.



Style: Large Team Gear Bag      Size: 11” x 14” x 30”     Price: $75 each

Features Include:

  • 2 1/2 inch – Your Name on Zipper Strip
  • One White Color ANEFO Logo on Side Pocket
  • “OFFICIAL” Designated on Both End Pockets
  • ALL Bags made with 1000 Denier Cordura

ANEFO.Equipment Bag Flyer 2018 (Click here for Order Form)

ANEFO Clothing Apparel (optional)

All officials are invited to purchase clothing apparel.

ou now have an opportunity to purchase ANEFO clothing online. There are fourteen different apparels with the ANEFO logo. They are: Holloway Adult Defer Polos, Holloway Adult Force Training Tops, Russell Adult Dri-Power Fleece Hoodies, Hollway Adult Bionic ¼ Zip Pullovers, Holloway Adult Aggression Jackets, Holloway Adult Bionic Hooded Jackets, Augusta Adult Poly/Spandex Shorts with Pockets, Holloway Adult Sable Pants, Holloway Adult Defer ½ Zip Pullovers, Russell Adult Athletic Tees, Holloway Adult Electrify 2.0 Short Sleeve Shirts, Holloway Adult Electrify 2.0 Long Sleeve Shirts, Augusta Flexfit Zone Caps, and Holloway Adult Comeback Beanies.

The ANEFO online store will be open from now until May 27, 2019 for delivery at the June 17, 2019 ANEFO meeting. It will reopen again over the summer for delivery at our August meeting.

If you would like to order online, then go to: