Snapping and Passing the Ball – September 26, 2016

football-passBrendan Sevin, ANEFO official; and Tommy Brow, Rules Interpreter, were the featured guest speakers at the ANEFO meeting on September 26, 2016. The topic of the evening was snapping and passing the ball. Their handouts, summary of their presentations, and/or resources are located at the bottom of this article.

First, Brendan discussed false starts at the line of scrimmage, pre-snap team requirements, forward and backward handoffs, backward passes, illegal forward passes, eligible and ineligible receivers, and pass interference. Next, Tommy discussed blocks in the back by offensive linemen in pass protection formation, illegal pass and succeeding spot exception, passes thrown under duress, passes thrown while not under duress, intentional grounding, spiking the ball to stop the clock and several interesting “You Make the Call” on pass and punt plays. For more information, please see posted handouts below.

anefo-rule-7-passing-snapping-9-26-16 <— (Sevin’s Handout)

anefo-passing-the-ball-9-26-16 <— (Brow’s Hanout)