Rule 10: Penalty Enforcement Spots – October 19, 2015

penalty enforcementChris Clemente, the featured guest speaker, and Tommy Brow, Rules Interpreter, discussed Rule 10 – Penalty Enforcement at the ANEFO meeting on October 19, 2015.  Their handouts and/or resources are located at the bottom of this article.  First, Chris Clemente discussed the following: fouls vs. penalties, live ball and dead ball fouls, multiple live ball fouls, fouls on try or during overtime, interval fouls, 3 and 1 principle, basic spots, fouls during kicks, post-scrimmage kick spot, carryover fouls, defensive pass interference fouls, and odds and ends.  Next, Tommy Brow discussed the following: Three-in-One principle, locating the basic spot, runs ending beyond and behind the neutral zone, runs with no neutral zone, less obvious end-of-the-run spots, forward passes, kicks, and PSK spots and several interesting “You Make the Call” enforcement spot plays.  For more information, see the posted handouts below.

RULE 10 Penalty Enforcement <— (Clemente’s Handout)

ANEFO.Penalty.Enforcement.10.19.15 <— (Brow’s Handout)