Play of the Week – website

The “play of the week” is offered at:  Play of the Week: (click here to receive)

This interesting website provides a play of the week with both NFHS and NCAA rulings. All you need to do is sign-up and a weekly play will be sent to you. play-of-the-week

Here’s an example:

SITUATION: 1st quarter, 3:41 left on the clock with the clock running. A’s ball, 4th Down and 10 on A-40. A6 punts the ball from the A-25 and while the kick is in the air at the 50, the Line Judge inadvertently blows his whistle. B-15 catches the punt and returns it to the A30. The clock is stopped with 3:33 remaining.

THINK ruling, distance, down, and timing.

NFHS & NCAA RULING: Inadvertent Whistle. 4th Down and 10 with 3:22 left on the game clock. A’s ball on the A-40. Replay the down. The game clock starts on the ready for play signal. (NFHS 3-4-2c: 4-2-3; NCAA 3-3-2-e-6; 4-1-2).

NOTE: As an interesting side-note, in the NFL (professional football), you would repeat the down as well, but the game clock starts on the same (NFL 7-2-1-n) in all three codes, the Line Judge wil be buying the first round.