Passing Game – ANEFO Meeting – September 16, 2019

President Brian Doherty introduced Ed Dubish as the guest speaker at a meeting of the ANEFO on September 16, 2019.  Ed’s topic involved aspects of the passing game including: the passer, simultaneous catch, forward pass, backward pass, legal and illegal passes, eligibility, ineligibles downfield, illegal touching, DPI, OPI, and roughing the passer.

Next, Tom Brow, ANEFO Rules Interpreter, presented six game video clips from high school football teams in other states that play federation rules.  The video clips included: first touch be kicking team, goal line mechanics, offensive holding, kicks to the head and disqualification, catch or no catch, and a free kick caught in the end zone.  Tom also presented two “You Make the Federation Call” scenarios involving offensive fouls beyond and behind the line of scrimmage on the last play of the quarter.

The Passing Game_ANEFO Presentation_September 16, 2019pptx  <— (Ed Dubish’s handout)

ANEFO.You Make the Call Federation Rules.9.16.19    <— (Tom Brow’s handout)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JClKCfVxXAY    <— (Brow’s video – Plays #7-12)