Overtime in High School

Find out before the game starts: overtime

  • if there is going to be an overtime
  • if so, one period or multiple periods
  • the commissioner and/or the AD is a good source for this information
  • if it is up to the coaches, get both to agree in writing

If the game ends in a tie, do the following:

  • Two minute time out for teams to confer with their coaches
  • Captains to center of field for toss of coin: a. Winner gets choice of – offense or defense…or which end of field to be used for all overtimes
  • Loser gets remaining choice
  • Alternating choice of offense or defense for subsequent overtime period(s)…if necessary

Extra points:

  • If the overtime is only one period, the try may be a pass, kick or run
  • If there are multiple overtimes, any team that scores a touchdown must attempt a two point conversion for all tries including the first one

Each team is allowed one full time-out for each overtime period

  • No carryovers from 2nd half nor from previous overtime period(s)

High School exceptions – Something to think about…

Most of our rules are the same as the NCAA. There are some exceptions. What are they?

  • Five (5) timeouts per half – 3 full and 2 20 seconds
  • Whatever the goal post are, play the game
  • The 40 yard line is the initial kick-off point
  • Use of kicking tee is permitted for extra points and field goals
  • Football helmets of the same color are not required
  • Not required for jerseys to be long enough to reach the top of the pants and be tucked in

Changing the timing of the game…A few thoughts

  • Changes before game starts: The length of the quarters of a game and/or intermission may be shortened due to darkness considerations; Let both coaches know; All 4 periods must be of equal length
  • Changes during game: Periods may be shortened by agreement of referee and both head coaches. A few situations where this may be necessary: darkness; intermission has been extended beyond your control; game has been halted due to weather or power failure…If changes are to be made, get together with the coaches