New / Transfer Officials

New Officials

Candidate classes to become a new football official begin on Monday, August 26, 2019 at the Irish American Club in Malden.  Candidates should attend all classes. Failure to attend at least six classes will result in not being allowed to take the final exam.  For more information about the upcoming Candidate’s classes see:  ANEFO Candidate Class Press Release 2019 <—- (Select here for press release)


The On-Field Technique Clinics will be held during the season; the dates and times will be announced later.  These events will include an on-field technique clinic geared for our new officials, but all ANEFO members are welcome to attend to sharpen their skills.

Transfer Officials

For any official wishing to transfer to the ANEFO must meet these requirements:

1.  The transferring official has taken a certification class from the previous football association.

2.  A letter of verification that they are a member in good standing from their Secretary or President of that association.