New 2015 Rules – ANEFO Meeting – June 29, 2015

overbuilt.facemaskJim Kearney & Bill Stewart, featured guest speakers, along and Tommy Brow, Rules Interpreter, discussed the MIAA background checks and the new 2015 rules at the ANEFO meeting on June 29, 2015.  A handout and/or resources are located at the bottom of this article.  First, Mike Hegan, ANEFO President, discussed an “officials checklist” for the upcoming season.  Next, Tommy Brow discussed the new rules that included: illegal equipment, overbuilt facemasks, the wrong team’s ball, play clock, pulling an opponent off a pile, sideline interference, pre-game practice time on the field, and the new MIAA background checks.  Jim Kearney spoke about the new MIAA policy and Bill Stewart share some clarifying thoughts about the new policy.

ANEFO.New Rules.2015 <— Click here for Brow’s handout)

ANEFO Checklist for 2015 Season  <— Click here of Hegan’s handout)