MIAA Overtime Rules Update – October 28, 2015

MIAA_FOOTBALLThe MIAA 2015 football tournament begins on Friday, October 30, 2015.  There are few changes to the overtime procedures in tournament games that end in a tie.  They involved captains’ choices, first down chains not being used, and fouls after a change of possession during the last play of an overtime period.  Here are three important updates and/or things to remember:

  • Officials will escort the captains to the middle of the field for a coin toss as “prescribed in the NCAA rules”. The three choices are: OFFENSE or DEFENSE or END OF THE FIELD.  The series begins on the 10 yard line.  After each team has had it series, an overtime period, and if the game is still tied, then the captains are back at midfield.  A captain might then select a “different” end of the field to play the next two series.  In previous years the overtime was play exclusively at one end of the field.
  • First down chains will NOT be used. This means if the team on offense get a huge loss during a down in its series and then in a succeeding down the offense gets the benefit of a penalty that includes an automatic first down, the chains still are not used.  If the succeeding spot is outside the 10 yard line (let’s say for example at the 13 yard line) it is A’s ball, first and goal at the 13.  You do NOT bring chains onto the field even if penalties state automatic first down.  It is always first and goal in overtime.
  • If there is a change of team possession during the last play of an overtime period (second series), live ball fouls or live ball unsportsmanlike conduct fouls by opponent of the team last gaining possession, that occur after the change of possession, gives the team in possession the option of putting the ball in play, where the penalty leaves the ball, for one down free of penalty OR penalize as a dead ball foul at the succeeding spot in the subsequent overtime period. This option is exercised only if the team last gaining possession is free of foul during the down.

A special thank you to Commission Cacciatore for bringing up these changes at the ANEFO meeting on Monday, October 26, 2015; a special thank you also to Dennis Donovan, MIAA Official’s Representative.  The MIAA rules are posted on their website www.miaa.net.    The ANEFO wishes all players, coaches, and officials good luck in the upcoming state tournament.  For additional information, see the three handouts posted below.

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