MIAA Memo on New Rules – August 24, 2016

New RulesDennis Donovan, Officials’ Representative on the MIAA Football Committee, has informed the ANEFO that there has been several interpretations of the new NCAA rules this summer that differ from the original comments made regarding the rule changes, and he wanted to update everyone so that Massachusetts football officials would be consistent with enforcement of the new rules.  He sent to the ANEFO three documents; they are attached below.

The first document is his memo regarding the 2016 new rule changes, Dennis highlighted the new information in “blue” within the document (See “2016 MIAA Football Modifications” below).

In the second document the notable changes are:    a. The ball will be spotted where the ball is when a sliding ball carrier begins to slide.    b. The editorial change to the legally grounding a forward pass does not apply to a passer who fumbles the ball, only if he relinquishes possession voluntarily and then regains possession (See “2016 Interpretations” below).

In the third document the notable changes are:    a. Tight Ends are never unrestricted by interpretation    b. Unrestricted linemen may block opposing defensive linemen from the side below the waist (i.e. 9-3), but are restricted to block 10-2 if they go to the second level (See “2016 FAQs”).  For more information, contact Dennis Donovan at ddhawk1@yahoo.com.

2016 MIAA Football Modifications (Officials) – August Update.8.24.16