MIAA Game Officials Summit – Background Checks – April 29, 2015

Background.CheckThe MIAA held a “Game Officials Summit for Background Checks” on April 29, 2015.  As sports leaders discuss how to conduct and track background checks of officials, there are some interesting challenges that have emerged.  For example, what policy will be fair to our state’s 8,000 game officials, protect everyone’s civil rights, keep track of which officials pass the background checks, and keep our student-athletes safe?  The MIAA is considering 3-year checks for veterans officials and 1-year annual checks for new officials.  A debate has emerged over which data base management system is best suited for tracking background checks of officials.  Two data base systems have emerged.  They are “Peopletrail” data base management system and “ArbiterSports” data base management system.  The two are compared and/or explained in the attachments below.  The short of it is, background checks are coming.  See related articles below.

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