Pre-Season Exam

Please answer all 50 questions. You can stop and return to work on this exam at anytime.

1 On the first possession of the game, wide receiver A88 catches a pass at the B-30 and runs for a 10-yard gain. During A88s run, the back judge notices that A88 is not wearing thigh or knee pads. RULING: A 15 yard unsportsmanlike penalty is assessed against the head coach. FALSE
2 During a timeout, the offensive coordinator heads out to the huddle for legal conference. There, he shows his team a play that he drew up using an app on his tablet. RULING: Legal. FALSE
3 Second and 10 at midfield. As the offense breaks the huddle, linebacker B55 realizes that his team only has 10 players, and he runs onto the field at the A-45. RULING: Dead ball foul for encroachment. Penalize Team B 5 yards. FALSE
4 On a blustery Friday night, the ball is snapped at the B-16. QB A14 drops back and is standing at the B-20 when he throws a bubble screen to A99 who is standing at the B-18. As the ball is sailing towards A99, a gust of wind blows the ball back to the B-22 where it (a) hits the ground, or (b) hits A99 in the hands and falls to the ground. RULING: Both passes are incomplete. TRUE
2-31-2; 2-31-3
5 On the final play of the game, A39 runs a sweep left and is sprinting towards the end zone near the sideline. His final step is at the 1-foot line when he reaches the ball around the outside of the pylon. He is then hit and driven out of bounds without having ever stepped inside the end zone. RULING: Because the runner never contacted the end zone, the goal line is not extended. FALSE
6 A player may play with (a) an overbuilt facemask, (b) sunglasses worn behind a clear shield, or (c) clear mouthpiece. TRUE
1-5-1a; 1-5-3 Cmt.; 1-5-1d5
7 Fourth and 10 at B-21. Team A is in field goal formation. As the ball is snapped offensive guard A63 blocks defensive tackle B99 below the waist. RULING: As block is legal so long as it was made before the ball left the Free Block Zone TRUE
8 It is late in the game with Team B ahead 15-10. Team A has the ball at the B-10. QB A11 throws a pass over the middle into a crowd of people. Receiver A99 comes away from the scrum with the ball. The covering officials meet to confer. During the conference, the officials learn that the play was filmed by (a) one of the teams, (b) a local news crew, or (c) a member of the chain crew using an iPhone. RULING: the referee may briefly review the video in (b) and (c) because it comes from an independent source. FALSE
9 First and 8 at the A-22. Linebacker B63 shows blitz and is 2 yards behind his line of scrimmage when the ball is snapped. As A10 is handing the ball off to A44 at the A-24, lineman A77 blocks B63 (a) below the waist or (b) in the back at the A-20. RULING: It is a foul in (a) but a legal block in (b). TRUE
2-17-2; 2-17-3
10 QB A1 takes the shotgun snap and is standing at the A-10 when he is hit by B99 and fumbles. The ball is rolling towards the end zone where it is muffed by B72 at the A-4. The ball continues into the end zone and it rolls out of bounds. RULING: Bs muff provides new force. If the covering official decides that the ball would not have made it into the end zone without Bs muff, he should award a touchback. Otherwise, he should award a safety. TRUE
11 Fourth and 10 from Rs 20. Team K FG attempt is blocked. K72 recovers the ball behind the expanded neutral zone and advances the ball to the R-2 yard line. Ruling: First and goal for Team K, clock starts on the snap. TRUE
12 Third and 4 from Bs 34. Runner A22 fumbles at the B 31 yard line and the ball rolls out of bounds at Bs 28 yard line. Ruling: Team A ball, first and 10 from Bs 28, clock starts on the ready. FALSE
13 The ball becomes dead immediately when any loose ball is simultaneously caught or recovered by opponents. TRUE
14 If a kick try is blocked and recovered behind the neutral zone, the ball may be advanced by either team for a score. FALSE
15 Fourth and 3 from the Rs 5 yard line. During a FG attempt, K7s kick hits off K77s helmet at Rs 4 yard line and caroms through the uprights. Ruling: FG is no good. Ball is dead as soon as it hits off K77s helmet. FALSE
4-2-2d EXC, 4.2.2 Situation I
16 First and 10 from As 40. During the down, substitute A22 enters the field of play but does not participate. RB A32 runs for a 60 yard TD. Ruling: Illegal substitution (Non-player foul). Penalty enforced on succeeding try or free kick. TRUE
3-7-6, 3.7.6 Comment
17 Third and 6 from As 20. A7 is in shotgun formation to pass but decides to quick kick. The kick is blocked at the line and recovered by A64 at the A-21 yard line and is downed at the A-25 yard line. Ruling: Fourth and 1 from team As 25 yard line. Clock starts on the snap. FALSE
Exception to 3-4-3c
18 Third and 6 from As 20. A7 is in shotgun formation to pass but decides to quick kick. The kick is blocked at the line and recovered by A64 at the A-21 yard line and is downed at the A-25 yard line. Ruling: Fourth and 1 from team As 25 yard line. Clock starts on the snap. FALSE
19 A replaced player unsuccessfully attempts to leave the filed prior to the snap, but does not participate or affect the play. Ruling: Dead ball foul for illegal participation FALSE
20 Team As forward pass strikes a dog or spectator inbounds. Ruling: Ball becomes dead immediately and the down is replayed. Play clock is set to 25 seconds. TRUE
4-2-2e, 4-1-3a, 4.1.5 Situation
21 K attempts a long FG with 2 seconds left in the 1st half. R88 (who had lined up near his goal line) backs up 2 yards into the end zone and catches the kick in-flight. As he begins a return, official blows whistle. RULING: Touchback. TRUE
22 A free kick goes in the air over the first group of R players into no mans land, where K-88 catches it in-flight at the R-40 with no R players in the area. FALSE
23 Free kick. K has 3 players to the kickers left and 7 to the kickers right. After the ready for play, the ball is kicked and recovered by R88 at midfield. RULING: Dead ball foul on K for free kick infraction. (Flag/whistle when kicked.) 5 yards from previous spot and re-kick. This is only option; R may not keep the ball. TRUE
24 Forth and10, K-40. Punt rolls to a stop at the R-30. K44 touches ball and runs away. Immediately afterwards, R22 picks it up and begins to run. Official blows whistle. RULING: Inadvertent whistle. FALSE
25 Second and 20, A-30. QB A11 is sacked for a 10 yard loss. B55 then piles on. RULING: After penalty enforcement, 3/15, A-35. TRUE
26 Punt returner R33 waves his arms as a signal for his teammates to get away from bouncing punt. He then recovers the ball. Whistle sounds. RULING: Dead when recovered. Foul for invalid signal. 5 yd penalty. TRUE
6-5-5, 6-5-7
27 R88 gives a valid fair catch signal while punt is in flight. He muffs the ball at the R-30 (ball does not hit ground). While attempting to complete the catch, he is contacted on the shoulder by K-55. RULING: Kick catch interference, 15-yd penalty. FALSE
28 Third and 10, B-20. With 10 seconds remaining in 1st half, K attempts a FG on 3rd down. The ball is blocked behind the neutral zone and goes out of bounds at the B-30. RULING: Ks ball, 4/20, B-30. FALSE
29 On a free kick, driving the ball immediately into the ground so that it bounces high into the air on the first bounce is legal. FALSE
30 Forth and 10 midfield. K88 bats the in-flight kick at the R-20 with no R players in the area. K55 recovers at the R-25. TRUE
6-5-6 exc
31 With exceptions, the basic requirements for player formation and numbering include: (a) At the snap at least seven players shall be on their line of scrimmage, and no more than four A players may be backs. (b) At the snap, at least five players on their line of scrimmage must be numbered 50-79. FALSE
32 Second and 10 on the A-30. Ineligible A76 tries to catch A10s forward pass at the A-28 and touches the ball. RULING: Illegal touching by A76. It will be third down and 15 for Team A at the A-25. FALSE
33 On third down from the A-40, A12 is roughed after completing a pass to A28 who, after advancing a few yards, fumbles the ball forward and out of bounds at the 50 yard line. RULING: The penalty will be enforced from the 50, making it first and ten for Team A at the B-35. TRUE
34 Third and seven at the A-45 with 25 seconds remaining in the game and Team A trailing. A23 sweeps left and gains four yards. As he is about to be tackled he throws the ball backward in an obvious attempt to stop the clock and it goes out of bounds at the A48. RULING: Legal play. Fourth and four for Team A at the A-48. The clock starts on the snap. TRUE
35 It is legal to spike the ball to conserve time if Team A is in a shotgun formation at the snap. FALSE
7-5-2e Exception
36 Team A snaps the ball with goal to go at the B-6. A12 hands off to back A49 who fumbles at the B-4. The ball rolls into the end zone where it is recovered by A81. This happens on (a) third down or (b) fourth down RULING: Touchdown in (a) only. FALSE
37 Fourth and five at the R-20. During Team Ks successful field goal attempt, R63 commits a personal foul 10 yards beyond the neutral zone. RULING: Team K can either cancel the score and have the penalty enforced from the previous spot which would place the ball at the R-10, or keep the score and have the penalty enforced on the succeeding kickoff. TRUE
38 On a try from the three yard line, A11s forward pass is intercepted by B24 in the end zone. B24 then returns the interception the length of the field for an apparent score. RULING: No score. The try ends when Team B secures possession. TRUE
39 During a try by place kick, the kick by K3 is blocked by R77 and recovered by K22, who advances across Rs goal line. RULING 2 pts for Team K FALSE
40 A34 is advancing toward Team Bs goal line and is very near the right sideline. As he is being pursued by B25, A34 dives for the pylon, reaches out, and touches the pylon with the ball in his hand. RULING: Unless A34 touched out of bounds before the ball touched the pylon, it is a touchdown. TRUE
41 Roughing the kicker, holder, snapper, or passer are the only fouls by Team B that would give Team A an automatic first down. TRUE
42 Second and Goal from B-8 yard line, B25 commits pass interference at B-3 yard line and ball falls incomplete. RULING: Enforce DPI, 2nd and Goal for Team A from B-4 yard line. TRUE
43 First and 10 from A-40 yard line, Right Guard A63 turns around at the A-42 yard line and attempts to catch a forward pass by tipping it with his fingers and the ball falls incomplete. RULING: Illegal touching of forward pass by an ineligible receiver committed by Team A, 5 yard penalty and loss of down, ensuing play will be 2nd and 15 from A-35 yard line. TRUE
44 Third & 6 from A-10 yard line. A32 runs for no gain, but during the tackle, B51 grasps the earhole opening of the helmet causing A32s head to jerk back slightly before falling to the ground. RULING: No infraction since the grasp did not cause the helmet to twist or turn, 4th & 6 from A-10 yard line. FALSE
45 First and 10 from B-45 yard line. Nose-tackle B72 loudly yells out cadence signals prompting LT A-75 to jump offsides before the snap. RULING: Enforce dead ball foul, offsides on the defense for disconcerting signals, 5 yard penalty, ensuing play will be 1st & 5 from B-40 yard line. FALSE
46 During a tie game and as time expires in the 4th quarter, QB A12 falls to the ground and remains there after the play is blown dead prompting the officials to call an injury timeout. Regulation time ends in a tie and the game will be going to OT. RULING: To avoid a penalty for illegal participation, A12 must sit out for the first play of OT. FALSE
47 B42 intercepts a pass at the A-40 yard line and runs to the A30 yard line where he pauses briefly and taunts the opposing HC with the ball, then proceeds unchallenged to the end zone for a TD. RULING: No touchdown. Enforce live ball UNS foul from spot where B42 taunts the opposing HC. 1st and 10 from A-45 yard line. FALSE
48 On 4th down, Team A commits a foul for an illegal formation. Running back A22 is driven out of bounds short of the line-to-gain out and B51 tackles A22 clearly outside of the sidelines after the whistle has blown the play dead. RULING: If Team B declines the penalty for Team As illegal formation, they will be awarded a new series and will have 1st and 10 following enforcement of the penalty for the late hit by B51. TRUE
49 Team Ks punt enters Team Rs end zone. During the kick, R55 holds at the R-15 yard line. RULING: Enforce holding penalty by R55 from the R20. 1st and 10 for Team R from the R-10 yard line. FALSE
10-4-5-d, 10-4-3-c
50 B54 intercepts A12s pass in Team Bs end zone. B54 tries to advance, but is tackled in the end zone before leaving it. While B54 was running with the ball, A75 commits a horse-collar tackle on B54 while in the end zone and the penalty is accepted by Team B. RULING: The penalty is enforced from the B-20 (basic spot), because the final result of the play is a touchback. Team Bs ensuing drive will begin on the B-35 yard line, 1st and 10. TRUE
10-4-5d; 8-5-1-d, 8-5-1-e, 10-4-5-h, 10-4-5-i