Major Fouls

face.maskDavid Carter, guest speaker, and Tommy Brow, Rules Interpreter, discussed major fouls at the ANEFO meeting on September, 29, 2014.  Their handouts and/or resources are located at the end of this article.  First, David Carter’s presentation was titled “Unsportsmanlike Conduct”.  It included taunting, gestures, automatic unsportsmanlike actions, CFO guideline for unsportsmanlike conduct fouls (throat slashing, six guns, helmet removal, Heisman pose, dancing, flips, etc.).  A video clip concerning unsportsmanlike fouls was presented.  Later, Tommy Brow’s presentation was titled “Major Fouls.”  It included clipping and blocking below the waist, the low blocking zone, face mask fouls, flagrant personal fouls, unsportsmanlike conduct fouls, and three interesting plays.  Five NCAA football video clips were also presented.

ANEFO_Unsportsmanlike_Conduct_Sept_2014 – (Carter’s Handout)
ANEFO.MajorFouls.9.29.2014 – (Brow’s Handout)