General Info

Meeting Site

All meetings start at 7:00 pm (see calendar tab for specific dates) and will be held at:Irish American Club

Irish American Club
177 West Street
Malden, MA 02148

Attendance Requirements

  • Attendance at six (6) meetings for a member who is solely a high school official is mandatory. College officials are exempt for 2019.
  • Members must notify the Secretary / Treasurer in writing if he / she cannot make the mandatory number of meetings.
  • The banquet does not count toward satisfying the meeting attendance requirement.
  • The first meeting will count as a double meeting if a member (1) is in attendance; and (2) pays his / her dues; and (3) acquires his / her rule book and materials.

Participation At the Business Meeting

  • Any member who is solely a high school official may participate at the business meeting if he / she satisfies the following requirements
    • He / she attends a minimum of five (5) meetings prior to the business meeting.
    • He / she passes in the pre-season exam on or before the date set by the Executive Board.
    • He / she pays their dues on or before Tuesday, September 9, 2019, or dues plus late fee of $45.00, if applicable.
  • Any member who is also a college official may participate at the business meeting if they satisfy the following requirements
    • They pay their dues on or before September 3, 2019.

Dues and Assessments

  • Regular members – $90.00, plus late fee $45.00 if after the aforementioned deadline.
  • Clock Operators – $90.00, plus attendance of three meetings and passing pre-season exam.

Constitution (By-Laws)

  • The Constitution of the Association of New England Football Officials has sixteen “Articles”.
  • ANEFO Constitution and Bylaws 4.5.16<— (See ANEFO Constitution, pages 1-8 and By-Laws, pages 9-13 attached)

Game Postponements

  • No official shall decide whether or not a game shall be postponed. This is the sole responsibility of the school authorities.

Postponed Game Fees

  • Officials who arrive at the site of a game, due to a failure of the school to give proper notification, shall be paid a half fee. Proper notification calls for schools to notify the officials at least one and a half hours before the game.
  • If an official cannot be reached at the phone listed in the directory, it is the responsibility of the official to contact the school or the local police to determine status of the game.

Timely Arrival

  • Officials must be at the game sites at least 1 hour before game time. This means in the locker room.

Pre-Season Exam

  • Due on or before the ANEFO meeting on Tuesday, September 3, 2019 (plus late fee of $22.50, if applicable). Exam can be taken on-line via the www.anefo.org website.  First, you must log on using the “Members” tab, then you must select the “Pre-Season Exam” tab to take the exam. You can track your exam progress and attendance online.

New Members

  • Mandatory Technique Clinic; and
  • Mandatory two (2) pre-season scrimmages.

2018 MIAA Recommended Varsity Games Fees*

  • $91.00  for varsity games
  • $68.00  for jv games
  • $107.00  for Thanksgiving games

2019 MIAA Recommended Varsity Games Fees* (TBA)

*The Board recommends that five (5) officials be used in all varsity games.