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If you wish to “Ask the Interpreter” a question regarding a play, interpretation, or technique – submit a game situation for interpretation to Tommy Brow – Rules Interpreter (click photo and scroll down for form)

Overtime in High School

Find out before the game starts: if there is going to be an overtime if so, one period or multiple periods the commissioner and/or the AD is a good source for this information if it is up to the coaches, get both to agree in writing If the game ends in a tie, do the … Read More

50 Officiating Tips

Signals should be deliberate and sharp. All officials should pick up time out signals, especially the umpire because of his position on the field, namely, in the middle. Special care should be given to ball spotting on “previous spot plays”. Don’t give yardage or take it away. Referees — Be consistent in making the ball … Read More