ANEFO Scholarship Award

The ANEFO awards two scholarships annually to a child or step child of an Active Member, an official, in good standing of the ANEFO.  The scholarships are intended to provide financial assistance to students entering their first year of college, a post graduate year or students presently attending a college or university.  A scholarship will … Read More

C. Howard Smith A.N.E.F.O. Official’s Award

This award is presented to an A.N.E.F.O. official for his / her outstanding contribution to the officiating profession. Recipients  2001: Paul Tighe  2002: Fran Tarasuk  2003: Tom English  2004: Bill Lanigan, Jr.  2005: Robert F. Prestera  2006: Bill Lowd  2007: Bob Oreal  2008: William Miller  2009: William Barrett  2010: Fred Simm  2011: Jack O’Halloran  2012: … Read More

President’s Memorial Award

This award was established to honor our past ANEFO Presidents and is awarded to a high school senior who must be a football player whose conduct on the football field is in keeping with the fine traditions of American sportsmanship and who has demonstrated integrity, judgment and courage. Recipients 2005: Adam Farkas – Buckingham Browne … Read More


This award was established to honor a member who exhibits excellence in officiating football games and has contributed to the game of football by great longevity. The official’s long existence, endurance and/or service to the game has not gone unnoticed by countless players, coaches, and peers. This award recognizes his/her lifetime dedication to the countless … Read More

Mark T. Crehan Coaches Award

This award is made in honor of our departed members and is given to the coach who exemplifies their fine traits by maintaining high ethical standards in the football coaching profession and by teaching the game of football to players so that they become adults who exemplify the finest traits of American sportsmanship. Recipients 1959: … Read More


This award is presented annually to the ANEFO member who best displays Paul Tighe’s qualities of integrity, professionalism, and tactfulness in his dealings with players, coaches, and fellow officials; who comports himself in a manner consistent with the high standards of the officiating profession; and who exercises his authority in an impartial, firm, and controlled manner. … Read More

The William F. McDonald Award

This award was established to honor a member who exhibits excellence in football officiating at the high school level. The official must demonstrate integrity, judgment, and courage through his / her conduct on the football field. Recipients 2005: John J. Walsh 2006: David C. McCarthy 2007: George Crotty 2008: Paul Dube 2009: Ronald Boudreau 2010: Mike … Read More