Business Meeting and Election – November 5, 2018

The Association of New England Football Officials held its annual business meeting on Monday, November 5, 2018. A well-represented, robust group of officials were in attendance. After the reading of the minutes and a discussion about old business and new business, an election was held.

The results of the election for ANEFO Officers are as follows: Brian Doherty was elected as President; he ran unopposed. Richard Cacciatore was elected as First Vice President; he also ran unopposed. There was one candidate who ran for the office of Second Vice President; Al Bartolini was elected. Bob Prestera was re-elected as Secretary-Treasurer; he was unopposed. Joe Lucido was elected as the Essex County Governor. Steve Ultrino was elected as the Middlesex County Governor. Martine Jones was elected as the Suffolk County Governor. Congratulations to all the newly elected officials!