ANEFO Three-Person Football Officiating Manual

thrre officialsThe ANEFO has produced a much anticipated “Three-Person Football Officiating Mechanics Manual” for those officials who work junior varsity games, sophomore games, freshman games, middle school games, youth football games, and/or other games that hire three officials (see manual below).  The manual covers pre-game duties on the field, the coin toss, running plays, forward pass plays, scrimmage kick plays, field goals, points after a touchdown (PATs), goal line play, plays after a touchdown, plays after a safety, plays after a field goal, administering penalties, measuring for first downs, timeout procedures, end of period procedures, between periods, and between halves.  The manual is very specific about the responsibilities of each official (referee, line judge, and head linesman) and things that all officials should be doing in a three person game.

ANEFO 3 Person Football Officating Mechanics 2016 <– (Select here for Three-Person Manual)