ANEFO – Newsletter – May 2019

Welcome to the 2019 Football Season! The Executive Board has been working very hard this offseason in providing valuable education and resources for our membership towards making us the best officials we can be. A strong focus has been put on NFHS rules education which will be the main topic at our summer meetings. We know the transition will not be easy, but we will all get through it together.

I wanted to take this time to remind you of the requirements to remain a “member in good standing.” We feel that completing these requirements and staying current on the rules are vital parts of being a quality official. The requirements are as follows:

• Annual dues of $90 must be paid no later than September 3rd. A late fee of ½ of the dues will apply after this date. We regret having to increase dues this year, but there are many extra costs associated in providing books and materials for NFHS rules than there were for NCAA rules.
• Members, who are not also college officials, must attend six interpretation meetings. Those who attend and pay their dues by the June meeting, will receive double credit for this meeting. While college officials are not required to attend, we encourage those who will be officiating High School football to attend the summer meetings to pick up rule books and learn the basics of the rule differences.
• Members, who are not also college officials, must complete the pre-season exam. The exam will be posted on the website and due September 3rd. A late fee of 25% of dues ($22.50) will apply after this date.

These requirements will all be tracked on the ANEFO website. Members will be able to log on and see if their dues have been paid, how many meetings they have attended, and if they have completed the preseason exam. All requirements will be strictly enforced. If you are unable to attend the required meetings for any reason, please let me know ASAP.

Please consider making your dues payment via PayPal at www.ANEFO.org. Simply click the “REGISTRATION” tab (this helps shorten member check in lines at meetings).

Dues paid by check will continue to be accepted; checks should be made out to ANEFO. Mailed due’s and fee payments can be mailed to 53 Myrtle Street, Everett, MA 02149. Attention: Bob Prestera.

All members should log on to the website, ANEFO.org, and make sure all of your information is up to date. Please contact me if you are having trouble logging on.

In addition to the normal meeting schedule, we have added two additional August meetings geared toward the NFHS rules transition process. We will focus on specific topics at these meetings that will be communicated in advance. These two meetings are optional, but attendance is encouraged to learn the ins and out of the new rules. They will not count toward your annual requirement.

All meetings will be held at 7:00pm at the Malden Irish American Club at follows:

June 17th
August 12th – Optional NFHS Rules Training
August 19th – Optional NFHS Rules Training
August 26th
September 3rd (Tuesday)
September 9th
September 16th
September 23rd 6:30pm – 100th Anniversary Celebration @ Luxury Boxx Sports Lounge in Malden.
September 30th
October 7th
October 21st
October 28th
November 4th – Business Meeting
November 25th – Banquet

We look forward to celebrating the 100th Anniversary of our Association on Monday night September 23rd at 6:30pm at Luxury Boxx Sports Lounge / Mixx 360 Night Club in Malden. We hope everyone, new and tenured will attend this special event. More details will follow.

In addition, First Vice President Rick Cacciatore will be conducting candidates’ classes at the Irish American starting with Registration on Monday August 26th. If you know of any interested candidates, please send their contact information to Rick at rcacciatore@ccnne.com. Please spread the word!

Looking forward to seeing everyone soon.

Bob Prestera