Scrimmage Plays – ANEFO Meeting – September 3, 2019

There was a meeting of the ANEFO on September 3, 2019 to discuss the first 25 questions of the pre-season exam as well as the kick scrimmage differences between NFHS and NCAA football rules.  Brian Doherty, Jack Walsh, and Tom Brow took turns reading aloud the first 25 questions of the pre-season exam.

Next, Tom Brow, ANEFO Rules Interpreter, discussed NFHS scrimmage rules including: scrimmage plays, offensive requirements, defensive requirements, when the ball can be snapped, swinging gate plays, and blocking below the waist in the free blocking zone.  A video of a successful swinging gate score was also presented.  The handout is below.

ANEFO.Scrimmage Line.Differences.NFHS.9.3.19  <—- (Brow’s Handout)