ANEFO 2017 Pre-Season Exam – August 4, 2017

The ANEFO 2017 Pre-Season Exam is now online. Officials must take the pre-season exam online. First, log on the ANEFO webpage. After you have logged on, select the PRESEASON EXAM. When you are finished, do not forget to select the SUBMIT tab at the end of the exam. Members are encouraged to get together in study groups to help prepare for the upcoming season. However, each member is required to submit their exam individually online in order to get credit for this requirement. Some members have suggested it would be easier to study with a hard copy of the exam. Hard copies of the exam can be downloaded below; you still have to submit the exam online.

ANEFO_Pre.Season.Exam.Questions.8.4.17    <– (Hard Copy of ANEFO Pre-Season Exam)

Pre-Season Exam

  • Due on or before the ANEFO meeting on Tuesday, September 5, 2017 (plus late fee, if applicable). Exam can be taken on-line via the www.anefo.org website.  First, you must log on using the “Members” tab, then you must select the “Pre-Season Exam” tab to take the exam. You can track your exam progress and attendance online.