ANEFO 100th Centennial Celebration: 1919-2019

The Association of New England Football Officials held its Centennial Celebration (1919-2019) on September 23, 2019 at MIXX360 in Malden.  Brian Doherty, President, offered the following Centennial Message: “Welcome to the 100th Anniversary Celebration of the ANEFO.  The dedication we have shown over the many years to the game of football, the players, the coaches, and most importantly to each other is astounding.”  He invited the attendees to enjoy the celebration of the hard work and commitment that makes the ANEFO the best officiating board in New England!

Jim Kearney, Centennial Chairman, thanked everyone for coming and wished everyone an enjoyable evening.  He stated, “Tonight, marks ANEFO’s 100th Anniversary, and I am honored to serve as the Centennial Celebration Chairman.”  He expressed his sincere gratitude to all who help plan the event including: Brian Doherty, Skip Likins, John Mattuchio, Don Werner, and Bob Prestera.  He also gave a warm thank you to the sponsors, who contributed significantly to the event.  Jim wished everyone an enjoyable evening celebrating “100 years of being part of the best group of high school officials in America!”

The appetizers and trays of buffet style food were plentiful and delicious.  The bartenders, dress in black and white striped football official jerseys, served the members cheerfully throughout the evening as the green ANEFO 100 Years Celebration Logo flashed on several large television screens mounted on the walls throughout the hall.

The Master of Ceremonies was, once again, the well-spoken Rick Cacciatore.  He introduced Larry Keough, who gave a brief history of the ANEFO from 1919 to its present day.  An inclusive slide show presentation of various officials on and off the field was presented by Skip Likins.  The past ANEFO Presidents were called to the stage for a round of applause and a group photo.  The ANEFO Centennial Achievement Awards were presented to: Bryan Platt, Ryan Flynn, Jeffrey Akers, David Carter, Christopher Smith, Dan Harrington, George O’Brien, Joe Pennucci, Michael Roche, Rick Santilli, John Salmon, Gary Dancewicz, and James Mello.   Gary Dancewicz was welcome to microphone and he spoke of his journey officiating football at different levels and of the friends that have endued throughout his career.  The closing remarks were delivered by Rick Cacciatore.  Members then remained and reminisced about the 100 year old organization and the personal relationships that ensued throughout the years.

A special thank you to the ANEFO Centennial Committee for an excellent celebration!

Photos of the 100th Centennial Celebration <— (Photos from September 23, 2019)   

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