An Interesting Article – “The Line Judge Position” – by Andy Staples

The line judge position is very unique and interesting. Andy Staples provided a detailed look into that position in his recent online SI article titled: “An Impossible Job: Inside My Long Day as a College Football Line Judge” published on April 22, 2019. He writes, “Of all the officials on a football field, the line judge has to pay attention to the widest variety of things. The veteran SEC line judge says, ‘we watch more people and more things prior to the snap.’ It’s Friday night. On Saturday afternoon, I’ll be thrown into the Georgia spring game with a whistle around my neck, stripes on my shirt and an L on my back. For much of Friday night and much of Saturday morning, Beard will remind me of all the people and things I must watch. When I take my position on the line of scrimmage on the first play of the second series on Saturday afternoon, I will forget them all.”

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