ANEFO Receives Info about 2015 NFHS Officials Association Awards

NFHS-Network-LogoThe purpose of this memo is to share some information about the NFHS Officials Association Awards Program.  Theresia Wynns, Director of Sports and Officials requested the following be shared with you:

It’s time again to recognize outstanding sports officials in your state by nominating them for a state, sectional or national NFHS Officials Association Award. A brief description of the awards, the selection process and how recipients will be recognized is explained below (and is also indicated on each form).

Here is some general information that will help you:

  • Award forms may be submitted by fax, mail or email. Email is preferred (lbrown@nfhs.org)
  • All active official nominees must be NFHS Officials Association members. ALL award nominees must have the approval and signature of the state association.
  • The state level awards may be submitted to the NFHS office at any time.
  • State level certificates will be sent back to the state association for distribution.
  • Nominations for any sectional or national awards must be sent to the NFHS by November 1st.
  • An NFHS Officials Association Awards Screening Committee will select sectional and national recipients from state association nominees.
  • Sectional and national certificates will be sent to each recipient unless otherwise instructed.
  • Sectional, national and state recipients will be listed on the NFHS Officials Association Central Hub for recognition.
  • The NFHS Citation award recipient will be honored at the Awards Luncheon at the Summer Meeting in Reno, Nevada June, 2016.

For more information, contact pnapolitano@miaa.net.  See nomination forms listed below.

Citation Award <– (Citation Award Form)

Natl Contributor <– (National Contributor Award Form)

Sec-Nat Active Off <— (Sectional/National Award Form)

State Awards  <– (State Award Form)