Thanksgiving game, 2014
Jack at Everett
Scott Crowell , Matt Roderick , Paul Rheaume  - crew photo

Mission Statement

Established in 1919, the Association of New England Football Officials (ANEFO) exists for the following purposes:

  • To educate and train officials in the sport of high school football in accordance with the rules set forth by the NCAA and the MIAA.
  • To enhance the knowledge and advance the skills of member officials as a means to promoting excellence in football officiating.
  • To gain a better understanding and interpretation of rules and on-field mechanics through weekly in-season meetings and clinics.

To fulfill its mission, ANEFO will coordinate and provide activities within the organization designed to encourage extensive communication and active participation among the membership as we strive to improve our officiating skills.

President’s Message

It is truly an honor to serve as the President of the ANEFO in 2017, our 98th year of existence.  As an association, we can take pride in being one of the oldest and best officiating chapters in the country.  Let’s all stay true to what makes us the best.  Get in the rule book, stay in shape, hustle to make the right call, take pride in your appearance in the uniform, and measure your words before communicating to sideline personnel and players.  We are out on that field as our own third team, so check your ego at the gate and get together to get the call right.  Let’s keep in mind that players, coaches, and other school staff spend an inordinate amount of time during the week preparing for that one game, regardless of the competition level.  So, when we show up, let’s give them their time’s worth and remember why you chose to be an official in the ANEFO in the first place.  Don’t do the minimum amount required.  Pay your dues on time and come to as many meetings as you can.  Even if you think you know it all, it is always good to have a refresher on a particular rule.  We are committed to having a great speaker line-up this Fall, and we are fortunate to have such a phenomenal Rules Interpreter.  Get together with fellow officials to take the pre-season test by making it a social activity rather than “checking the box” to get it done.

As senior officials retire and other fellow ANEFO members move up to the college level or beyond, the ANEFO executive board is aware that we need to keep the candidate pipeline strong in our chapter.   We are dedicated to building a sustainable crop of new officials and we are committed to nurturing both candidates, as well as officials in their first few years, by running a top rate candidate class with solid numbers, as well as having veteran officials step up to serve as mentors and by gaining the commitment of assignors to give these new candidates the opportunities on the field to help them grow.  We will continue the efforts of the executive board in recent years by advancing the technological capacities of the ANEFO for the benefit of our membership.

I look forward to serving as your President this year and continuing the legacy of the ANEFO leadership team before me.   We are in good hands with a veteran executive board that is diverse in both geographic as well as league representation.

See you on the field or at a meeting soon enough!

John Mattuchio
ANEFO President 2017