Thanksgiving game, 2014
BC game  - Hegan
Jack at Everett
Scott Crowell , Matt Roderick , Paul Rheaume  - crew photo
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Mission Statement

Established in 1919, the Association of New England Football Officials (ANEFO) exists for the following purposes:

  • To educate and train officials in the sport of high school football in accordance with the rules set forth by the NCAA and the MIAA.
  • To enhance the knowledge and advance the skills of member officials as a means to promoting excellence in football officiating.
  • To gain a better understanding and interpretation of rules and on-field mechanics through weekly in-season meetings and clinics.

To fulfill its mission, ANEFO will coordinate and provide activities within the organization designed to encourage extensive communication and active participation among the membership as we strive to improve our officiating skills.

President’s Message

It is with great pleasure and pride that I assume the office of President of the Association of New England Football Officials for the 2015 season.  I thank all of you for your support and for the confidence you have shown in me by electing me to this position.  I would like to commend Jack Joyce and the 2014 Executive Board for all their accomplishments, and for bringing this prestigious organization into the 21st century via our new website, of which all of our membership can be extremely proud.

I also wish to acknowledge the contributions of Mike Roccia, candidates class instructor, whose expertise has prepared his students well for their initial forays onto the gridiron; and of Tom Brow, ANEFO interpreter, whose weekly presentations have benefited all of us in our ongoing pursuit of excellence in football officiating. This season, an increased emphasis on mechanics will further enhance the skills needed to perform at a high level each time we take the field. Mike and Tom have both excelled in their respective roles, thereby enabling us to achieve the goals outlined in ANEFO’s mission statement.  Last but not least, Bob Prestera’s value to the board in his role as Secretary-Treasurer cannot be underestimated; his vast knowledge and experience are tremendous assets to this association.

The 2015 season is fast approaching. There will be NCAA rules changes this year. Let’s all dedicate ourselves to being the best that we can be in 2015 and beyond; this should be our ultimate goal. To this end, remember that we never stop learning; no one knows it all. Take the preseason exam seriously, attend the weekly meetings, study and know all rules and mechanics, look sharp on the field. Take full advantage of all the resources this association has to offer!

Rest assured that your executive board is in good hands, and that we will constantly strive to do what is in the best interest of the membership. Welcome back, and have a great 2015 season!

Mike Hegan
ANEFO President 2015