Thanksgiving game, 2014
Scott Crowell , Matt Roderick , Paul Rheaume  - crew photo
Jack at Everett

Mission Statement

Established in 1919, the Association of New England Football Officials (ANEFO) exists for the following purposes:

  • To educate and train officials in the sport of high school football in accordance with the rules set forth by the NCAA and the MIAA.
  • To enhance the knowledge and advance the skills of member officials as a means to promoting excellence in football officiating.
  • To gain a better understanding and interpretation of rules and on-field mechanics through weekly in-season meetings and clinics.

To fulfill its mission, ANEFO will coordinate and provide activities within the organization designed to encourage extensive communication and active participation among the membership as we strive to improve our officiating skills.

President’s Message

It is with great pride and honor that I have been elected President of the ANEFO in 2018, our 99th year of existence. I am looking forward to help plan our 100th year anniversary which is just around the corner. Our association is one of the oldest and best chapters in the country, and we should all be proud of our contributions to maintaining such a high standards and commitment to make this a historical occasion. In the 30 years I’ve been in this association, there have been many outstanding members who have dedicated themselves to the overall improvement of ANEFO by demonstrating their leadership, contributing to essential committees and passing along their vast knowledge and experiences to help make us all better officials and members. I wish to continue that dedication. Our association is well represented throughout all levels of football officiating up to and including NCAA Division I and the NFL.

Whether you’re new to our association or returning for another season, I welcome you to seek out as much information you can from meetings. Recent years have changes the way we run our meetings with the use of technology, and I wish to continue that with our speakers and especially our interpreter Tom Brow. We have incorporated technology into the candidate’s classroom as well. That doesn’t mean throw the books away, but it does mean you need to stay up to date and use the resources that are out there. Knowing the rules, staying in shape and having and displaying a good demeanor on and off the field makes our association stand out.

Our executive board is committed to keeping our pipeline strong by seeking out young officials. We need your help as well. Be proud of your association and recruit people who share your passion for the sport of football. We will work hard to provide support and opportunities to help you and them achieve the goal of being on the field. Get involved whether as a mentor, board member, speaker or just a member who is passionate about what we do.

I have always been and will continue to be available for any open discussion you might want to have. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or concerns.

Skip Likins
ANEFO President 2018