Thanksgiving game, 2014
BC game  - Hegan
Jack at Everett
Scott Crowell , Matt Roderick , Paul Rheaume  - crew photo
Photo Nov 27, 11 41 58 AM

Mission Statement

Established in 1919, the Association of New England Football Officials (ANEFO) exists for the following purposes:

  • To educate and train officials in the sport of high school football in accordance with the rules set forth by the NCAA and the MIAA.
  • To enhance the knowledge and advance the skills of member officials as a means to promoting excellence in football officiating.
  • To gain a better understanding and interpretation of rules and on-field mechanics through weekly in-season meetings and clinics.

To fulfill its mission, ANEFO will coordinate and provide activities within the organization designed to encourage extensive communication and active participation among the membership as we strive to improve our officiating skills.

President’s Message

The continued goals set for the 2016 season are as follows: 1) to passionately execute the challenges set in our ANEFO mission statement. 2) to provide ANEFO members with training materials, educational resources, and rules review.  3) to assist with on field mechanics guidance with breakout sessions focused to assist with officiating skills and the common challenges high school football officials encounter.

The elected executive board will continue to work closely with game assignors/league commissioners and the MIAA to assist members with 2016 expectations.  Also, the ANEFO will continue to train new officials and clock operators.

I encourage veteran officials to mentor new officials and all members to take pride in avocation. By commitment to preparation and continued research, the ANEFO will continue to reflect the fundamental values and principles embedded in the ANEFO’s 97-year history of producing quality football officials.

Have a great season!

Don Werner
ANEFO President 2016